Mrs. Karen Isola Green

 Math Teacher and Consultant in Math Education

266 Holyoke Dr
 Spring Creek, Nevada 89815

I began teaching in Ruby Valley, Nevada in 
1972, and recently I was teaching the children of my first students! ( were the first!)   With each passing year, the strategies and techniques of math teaching focus more on how to ask the right questions of the students to make them explore and analyze their answers.  It is a real challenge to change the children from being simply computation competent to being true problem solvers.  But it is rewarding.   When not teaching, mentoring, consulting I find time to explore new places and new ideas.  I enjoy gardening, fishing, traveling, and family activites.
I am a mother of two, Jason and Melissa,both are now married,  wife to Michael and caretaker of my dog, Lucca,.My biggest new adventure will begin in March of this year (2018) when I get to be a grandma grandson's name will be Hunter Green.

In 2007 I had the honor of representing the State of Nevada as the Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. 
Sept 1, 2008 I retired from the classroom and started a new phase of my life, which of course, includes math education. I still delight in working magic in a classroom and try to help out former colleagues as a substitute .  I hope to keep at that periodically until I am no longer competent....If anyone has questions or would like some ideas of what worked for me.....just email me!

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