Answer the following questions...

1. Using a ruler can you tell what the scale is for the ten foot bear?

2.  From the top of the head to the neck, how big is the head?

3. How many bear heads are in a bears total body from shoulder to crotch?

4. How does the bear's head compare to his paw?

{Polar Bear Proportions
Below you see a photo taken in Elko Nevada, at the Comercial Hotel.  It is a Polar Bear weighing 2000 pounds and a full 10 feet tall!
How did the scale change in this close up of his head and chest from the first picture?
On a piece of graph paper draw the bear to scale to fit on your paper trying to be as exact as possible!
Part 2....Get your Teddy Bear and Answer the following:

How many bear heads are in your teddy bear's body from shoulder to crotch?

Would you say that a Teddy Bear shares the same proportions as  a Polar Bear.  Defend your response.

If you were to remake your bear in the same fashion as a polar bear, how tall would it have to be?

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