Problem of the Week Rubric....Where Do You Fit?

Excellent 90%            Good  80%      Satisfactory70%    Needs Improving 60%

10 pts


10 pts


30-50 pts


10 pts


20-40 pts

Complete, rewriten in own words in a way that gives accurate details with no parts missing.

Plan shows mathematical thinking and planning. It is exceptionally insightful

Work is done neatly and accurately.  All items can be found and there is no doubt that student did all parts relevant to the problem. One can find how the solution is found

Totally accurate

Complete mathematical comments showing understanding and even application to other problems. Details are given so full understanding is evident.  There is often an AH HA moment discussed

Mainly complete, rewritten in own words with a minor flaw

Plan shows good thinking and reflects understanding of the problem

Work is nicely done, with perhaps a slight error or missing component.  Work reflects the solution

Accurate but may have a slight error in part

Comment is well done, but lacks total details.  The main idea of the problem is addressed
The main idea of the question is there, but details are sketchy

Plan makes sense but is not particularly insightful.  Understanding is minimal

Work is done but is haphazzard and may not be complete

Solution is close to what was expected

Comment finds a pattern or observation, but no mathematical details are present
Question is attempted but it is not accurate or lacks too many important pieces of information

Plan is practically useless for it shows no mathematical ideas beyond saying the obvious

Work is flawed, messy and probably incomplete. The work does not match the solution given

Solution is not close to being accurate, but an attempt was made based upon work.

Comment is a complaint or a rating of emotional difficulties. No mathematical patterns are mentioned.