Sixth Grade Expectations

We teachers of SCMS have had many years working together . It has been our experience that success for Middle Schoolers is attainable if the students follow a few simple guide lines.
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Use your assignment book, write down all information, and include the due date.

Do the homework the day it is assigned, then if time, review it the next night just to make sure it has been completed correctly. Have your parents compare the assigned work to the description in the assignment book.

Bring your completed assignments to class and always put first and last name in the right hand side., along with the block number.

Bring all other necessary supplies to every class.

Be on time, do not be tardy.

Be responsible and courteous.

Ask questions before leaving class if you are unsure about anything.  As long as you have been paying attention, your questions can be answered. This means that if you expect to learn, we expect you to do your part.

Come to homework room, especially when invited!

Make school your priority.

When given   progress reports, share them with your parents.

Avoid excuse making. 

Use the teacher's  notes, web sites, and text books to find answers. Use glossary, index, and chapter vocabulary to help you.

Study for tests.

Use Power School to check your grades and read notes from the teachers.