Notes and Strategies to Make Math Simple
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1 x 100 =100
2 x 100 =200.
II am sure you can multiply harder ones.
24 x 1000

If you think it is 24,000 you are correct.

Now watch what happens when you start
with a decimal not at the end but somewhere else, like in the middle

13.56 x 100 = 1356.  Multiplying by 100 simply means to increase the value of a number by moving the decimal two places to the right.

So if multiplying moves the decimal to the

right, division will move it to____________

Try some easy ones. 

34 divided by 10 =3.4
34 divided by 100 = 0.34
34 divided by 1000 =0.034
Notice as soon as there are no ones you indicate that with a 0.

Go to the quia link to practice your skills!

Oh , By the way, you just did metric work!
Tens quia practice
Multiplying or dividing by 10's 100's or 1000's is a matter of finding out where the decimal point needs to go.  All numbers have a decimal point.  You know this when you number your paper.......
Now multiply by 10 and watch what happens:
1 x 10 =10.
2 x 10 =20.
3 x 10 =30
Try 100