Help My Doggie Needs a Kennel!

Good grief, that stupid dog got out of the yard again!
I am going to have to build a pen for him to keep him home.
Please figure out the best size pen for him and how much it will cost me.

I probably haven't told you everything you need to know, so do a little brainstorming with your partner/group and think of some questions you should ask to help you with this.  Write those down.

Now here are the parameters of the problem.

Your area of the kennel is 60 square feet.
Chain link costs                                                               $ 1.25 per yard
Corner posts are                                                             $12.59  each
Fence posts every six feet or less  @                                $ 5. 75
He will need a gate so we don't have to throw him over the top.  $25.00
My dog is big. He is three feet tall and weighs 60 pounds.

EXTENSION: You may use my house as one side of the pen.  My house is twenty feet in length.

Please  State the Question, Make a Plan, Show all Work , Find Solution, and Make a Final Comment explaining why you think this is the best size for the kennel.  Are there any ways you might save money?  Did you run into any problems, describe.
                                                 Click on the dog house for a really cool kennel.