Mrs. Green's  Online Tutoring

If your child is having difficulties in math, I can help with practice, explanations, on a variety of topics typically practiced in fourth through eighth grade math.

Homework help is available in problem solving, decimals, powers of numbers, graphs and statistics. Basic practice in multiplication and division is available.   I can help with the worlds of geometry, fractions, and beginning algebra.  

All you need is  to link through Skype, and in the comfort of your own home, I can guide your child through difficulties and confusions.

Parents are encouraged to sit in on the sessions to learn techniques that will help your child become more math proficient.

In the meantime as a parent, use tools at home to help such as rulers, clocks, measuring cups, and make those drives to town full of multiplication practice.

Keep encouraging your child to view math as a  very useful and predictable subject that makes you think, makes you work hard, but brings such benefits and satisfaction when done well!

As always, please email with your questions or concerns.  My goals always include helping my parents and students to be comfortable with  the world of mathematics!


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